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Illuminating Culture

Presenting Islam
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Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim

Illuminating Culture


Human society is equipped with a tool far superior than any advancement or technology ever to be manufactured.

This tool is the ability of people to sense the world and to understand its issues and events. The thinking process that people have is the only means through which any problem or issue can be understood and solved.

The greatest issue we are facing as humanity is the related to organising our societies with the aim of security and progress embedded with tranquility and happiness in the hearts and minds of the people.

However, to achieve such an ascent human societies have various ways to reach such a status. We can either leave the thinking process or adopt it.

To solve problems requires human societies to adopt the thought to arrive at a clear defined explanation of the issues in our societies and their roots.

The root issue or pressing question is not only related to why there is poverty in the world or why there is oppression in the world but where do people and the systems they adopt originate from. For people and systems are where the problem emanates from.

So where do people originate from?

People are a limited entity. We live and we die. We exist and then cease to exist. We are living for a limited amount of time. We interact with nature like trees, water, petroleum and other creatures and these as well become used, depleted or expire. Humans live in a world where various phenomena occur like light appearing in day and darkness appearing in night – do we influence them? Has any human society been able to influence them? The answer is clear.

So humans are unable to change their basic predicament.

The question is where did humans and all the universe appear from. Do we have the ability to create the universe. Certainly not.

Yet the question begs an answer what is the cause of the universe and humanity.

This cause can either be limited – therefore it is like us and surely cannot have created the universe.

The other cause is an entity that created the universe and people.

Some would argue that there is no cause or it is not possible to ascertain it.

But through the universe we see the effect. Therefore there has to be a cause. In terms of being able to ascertain it – only that which the mind can sense can be accepted as an explanation.

Islam identified and connected with this pressing question.

Based on the thought, people appreciate the greatness of the universe, its natural splendour and that of the laws of nature, other creatures and human make up.

Using the thought, people have been realising this pressing question since human life began.

At present Islam and Muslims address the most crucial question about life, society and the world by intellectually sensing that the cause of the universe and all things is the Creator, Allah.

The Creator has given a specific system for humans to engage with as they progress through life. The Islamic system is what was given to Muhammed (peace be upon him) and this was based on the Quran, which is the last challenge to people to meet if they believe that Islam is not from Allah. The miracle of the Quran has never been matched – and it is known that the Quran is not from Muhammed or the Arabs but from Allah.

The Qur’an directs people to refer to the actions of Muhammed as another aspect of revelation (Sunnah).

The Islamic System is based on these two references and they provide detailed answers to questions related to one’s existence and also how humans should effectively and productively engage in life.

The Islamic system has a track record of leading people to the heights of human achievement and peace of mind.

This century is witnessing the return of the Islamic system and the world has felt its absence over the last 80 years.

55th Chapter of the Qur’an – Sura Al Rahman


"Whosoever is in the heavens and on earth begs of Him (Allah)"


Through a culture that illuminates, humans can once again achieve their potential.